High buoyancy and strong rotation effect packaged in a low profile are the most distinctive features and the ideal protection in combination with heavy-weather clothing. Signal-colored cover with reflective strips for for enhanced visibility.

Because own buoyancy and air pockets in heavy weather clothing or protective suits to counteract the rotational forces of buoyancy of life jackets, the three-dimensional design of the buoancy chamber is designed with a large volume before the chest area. This is enhanced by the rotating action of the lever principle. About 20 centimeters higher protruding from the water the lifejacket/lifevest is much more visible, especially with mounted emergency light.

Nevertheless, the weight is light and the mobility high. Thus, this model is proved in different industrial areas and standard in many Waterways and Shipping Offices. The lifejacket/lifevest is also suitable for light clothing and ideal for everyday use.

Compared to conventional buoyancy chambers the buoy of the Alpha 275 3D is cut that after inflating two additional triangular air bags, which rise substantially perpendicular from the center of the lifejacket/lifevest wearers chest.

They extend into the air – in the “third dimension”, that’s why we call it 3D.

  • Approved acc. to DIN EN ISO 12402-2 (CE-Sign)
  • also available as ALPHA 275 3D in blue (Art.-Nr. 12449).

Marine Safety