Koden Chart Plotter GTD-120

Professional plotter with impressive operability

Dual range display
  • Ability to display two different ranges on one screen.
  • You can choose two different scales at the same time by setting the plotter screen side by side.
AIS display function
  • By connecting to AIS receiver, AIS symbols will be displayed on the screen. Up to 128 AIS symbols can be displayed.
  • Built in AIS interface board, display other ship information by connecting the AIS receiver.
High performance LCD
  • Adoption of special filter (AR coat) ensures high visibility under all conditions. The image is clearly displayed in sunlight, and reflection on the LCD screen is also prevented.
User-friendly operation
  • Easy to operate by using both single function keys and knobs, you can quickly learn how to operate.
  • [F1] and [F2] keys are to call registered functions with one touch.

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